Wrap up in Winter Wooley’s

Originating in the UK, savoury oatcakes are quintessentially Scottish. They are both rich in fibre and contain slow releasing carbohydrates which help maintain energy levels.


Oats, a cereal grain grown for its seed, is, unsurprisingly, the primary ingredient in an oatcake. Oats have a greater tolerance of rain than a lot of other cereals and a lesser summer heat requirement which means they thrive in the northern Scottish climate.

Oatmeal – crushed or rolled oats – is a staple ingredient in porridge, commonly used as prison food for inmates in British prisons – hence the slang term ‘doing porridge’ which refers to a prison sentence. But this versatile cereal can also be used in breads, cakes, granola and muesli and is most commonly used as livestock feed.


But let’s not forget oatcakes…


Seen as a typically Scottish food item, oatcakes vary in texture. They can be rough, fine, crunchy or chewy depending on their water content and how long they have been cooked. They are often used as an alternative to bread or instead of toast at breakfast time, and can be used to carry almost anything.


Wooley’s oatcakes – the crunchy oatcake with real flavour – are the perfect accompaniment to a big plate of home-made soup or a tasty bowl of Scottish Stovies; like this recipe by Executive Head Chef of Ingliston Country Club, Donald McInnes.


Or if you prefer a snack or canapé, why not try Wooley’s Original, Cheese or Wheat Bran Oaties with some of the following toppings:


  • Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese
  • Arran Brie and Hot Beetroot Chutney
  • Chicken Liver Pate and Redcurrant Jelly
  • Houmous and Beetroot
  • Arran Blue and Sweet Chilli Sauce (perfect on a Wheat Bran Oatie)
  • Nutella and Banana


If you have some great flavour combinations of your own, please let us know.


Did you know…?


Did you know that our Deluxe range of flavoured cheddars were designed to fit perfectly on an Arran Oatie? Simply turn sideways, cut a disc of delicious flavoured cheese (remember to remove the wax), pop on an Oatie and enjoy!

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