• Caramelised-Onion

    Cheddar with Caramelised Onion


    A classic combination, the caramelised onion adds a lovely sugary sweetness to the cheese and creates a contrast of textures between the crunchy onion and creamy cheddar. 200g

    Contents: Cows Milk, Arran Caramelised Onions (2%), Salt, Vegetarian Rennet
    2.63 out of 5
  • Pepper

    Cheddar with Cracked Black Peppercorns


    Hints of pepper slowly drift through creamy cheese until you get the black pepper punch. 200g

    Contents: Cows Milk, Black Peppercorns (2%), Salt, Vegetarian Rennet.
    2.53 out of 5
  • Ginger

    Cheddar with Crushed Stem Ginger


    A subtle blend of crushed stem ginger and creamy cheddar. 200g

    Contents: Cows Milk, Crystallised Ginger (6%)(Sugar, Ginger), Salt, Vegetarian Rennet
    2.7 out of 5
  • Raspberry

    Cheddar with Raspberry Infused Cranberries


    One of Arran Cheese – A delicious combination: the sweet and sharp fruits contrast wonderfully with the creamy Scottish cheddar – definitely worth a try. 200g

    Contents: Cows Milk, Raspberry Infused Cranberries(6%), Salt, Vegetarian Rennet
    2.52 out of 5
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