Arran Mustard glazed Lamb Rack – Chad Crooks

Arran Mustard glazed Lamb Rack, Crispy Breast, Arran Blue and Sage Dauphine, Smoked Carrot, Mint Gel

Smoked carrot puree
200g carrots
Small bay leaf
75g butter

Smoked half the carrots lightly.
Cook carrots at 80 degrees full speed in thermomix for 8 minutes, gradually adding cold butter until smooth

Lamb Breast
Brine Lamb breast in salted water with juniper berries & fennel seeds.

Press lamb flat between two trays and roast at 150 dry heat until crispy, cut to desired shape.

Choux Pastry
50mls milk
50mls water
45g butter
60g plain flour
2 eggs

Put cold water and butter in a pan and start to heat until the butter melts and it just starts to boil, remove from heat and add all the flour in one go and stir with wooden spoon. Beat until you have a smooth paste. Start to add beaten egg gradually while continuing to beat. Ready when it’s a smooth glossy paste

Potato Dauphine
300g Maris Piper potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks
50g butter
1l vegetable oil
Plain flour for dusting

100g Mash potato
80g Choux pastry
25g Arran Blue

Form in to dumplings and deep fry until crispy.

Mint Gel
70g water

20g sugar
20g liquid glucose
14g Ultratex
100g mint leaves

Add ingredients to thermomix and blitz until smooth

Maple and Arran Mustard Butter
1 block salted butter
50g Original Arran Grain Mustard
75 maple syrup

For the lamb I used French trimmed lamb rack, scored the fat and salted for about two hours. Made maple and mustard butter, fried lamb rack skin side down in maple butter then cooked in the oven until core temp 60 degrees.






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