James’ of Arran’s Chilled Chocolate Fondant, Arran Orange Marmalade Soufflé, ‘Robins Herbs’ Basil Ice Cream – Garry Watson, Gordon’s Restaurant, Inverkeilor www.gordonsrestaurant.co.uk

Chilled ‘James’ chocolate fondant Arran malt whisky fondant (mousse ingredients)
380g James dark couverture chocolate, melted over bain marie
60g egg yolk
120g egg white, whisked with 20g of caster to soft peak
60g caster sugar
20g cocoa powder
130ml whipping cream, whisked to soft peak

(whisky fondant centre ingredients)
75ml water
65g caster sugar
20g cocoa
150ml Arran cream
25ml Arran Whisky

Arran orange marmalade soufflé
30g marmalade, warmed
30g orange juice
120g egg white
25g caster sugar
5ml Cointreau
Pinch bicarbonate soda
10g James chocolate couverture, finely grated

Preheat oven to 220°C. Grease and sugar 4 mini ramekins. Mix together the marmalade and orange juice. Whisk egg white, bicarbonate soda and pinch of caster until soft peaks and glossy. Fold through marmalade until just combined, spoon in ramekins, level top, run finger around edge to clean edges. Place on a tray and bake until risen, (5-10 minutes)

First prepare the whisky fondant centre by boiling water, sugar cocoa. Add the whisky and cream and re-boil for 3-4 minutes, strain and chill. Prepare the mousse by whisking yolks and sugar until pale; whisk in the melted chocolate followed by the whipped cream then whisked whites. Pipe into small ring moulds ¾ high then make a small well in the centre and fill with chocolate fondant sauce, seal with the remaining mousse, chill overnight.

Arran marmalade syrup
225g caster sugar
1 juilenne of orange zest
150ml hot water
45g Arran orange marmalade

Chocolate swipe
25ml Arran whisky
250ml water
90g caster sugar

Basil ice cream
260g double cream
70g ‘Robins Herbs’ basil leaves
1½ teaspoon fine orange zest
45g cocoa
45g James chocolate couverture
80g egg yolks
90g caster

Prepare a dark direct caramel with the caster sugar then add hot water and marmalade. Boil julienne of orange for 5 minutes, refresh under cold water then add to caramel. Allow to cool.

Place all the ingredients in a pot and bring to the boil. In a small bowl combine 15g corn flour, 90g caster, 60g water then whisk into the chocolate mixture, simmer and cook out for 5mins, allow to cool.

Boil cream with 35g basil and orange zest, remove from heat and infuse for 30 minutes. Whisk yolks and sugar then pour over hot cream, cook to 85°C. Cool rapidly in ice water bath, blend with the remaining basil until smooth. Strain through fine sieve and churn in ice cream machine.






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