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Arran Dairies Ltd

Rich grasslands in the south of the island are grazing for dairy cattle which produce milk for Arran Dairy Ice Cream.

By modern standards this is a small dairy operation, which has been pasteurising and bottling milk and cream for around 25 years on this site in the island’s main port of Brodick.

But unlike most processed milk from large dairy plants, this milk has not been homogenised. It still has an old-fashioned 'cream line' so the milk retains its creamy taste. Also, unlike processed milk sold in supermarkets the fat content in Arran milk is not standardised to 3.5%, but varies according to the season, ranging from 3.9% in the winter to 4.3% in the summer. So when the generation who were brought up on this unhomogenised milk say that it tastes better than modern supermarket milk, they are not just being sentimental.

It's this special Arran milk churned in batches of 200 litres into ice cream, which makes the Italian-type ice cream, refreshingly cold yet with a satisfying creaminess.

Flavourings range from national favourites like 'cranachan' with raspberries and Wooley's oatcakes; and Scottish tablet to more traditional raspberry ripple, spiced plum, strawberry and black pepper, chocolate and mint.

Along with 4 other Arran companies, Arran Dairies is one of the first in the UK to gain SALSA accrediation.

Arran Dairies Choclate Ice Cream - winner of a Great Taste Award 2009, ICA Bronze Medal 2009 & 2010



Arran Dairies Ltd
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