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Isle of Arran Distillers

Isle of Arran Distillers is a dynamic new force in the Scotch Whisky market, and is one of the few independent distillers in the industry.

Based in Lochranza; the most northerly village on the Island.
The distillery opened in 1995 and uses only the traditional methods of distilling, with wooden washbacks and copper stills. The location offers perfect water for whisky production, cleansed by granite and softened by peat as it comes down from the mountain above. The atmosphere of sea breezes and clear mountain air matures the Arran Malt to perfection in earth floored warehouses.

This is not the first whisky making enterprise on the island. Before the tax on malt in 1725, when illicit distilling became common, farming clachans on the island had made their own pot-still whisky with a rustic method which was used throughout the Highlands.
It was this illegal Arran whisky which the islanders carried in barrels down to the shore and loaded into boats, to be ferried across to the mainland.

Among all the whisky distilled in the Firth of Clyde, none was more popular, says the Ayrshire historian James Paterson, than the' Arran Water commonly kept in kegs under the bed by many Ayrshire landladies'. Throughout 150 years of illicit whisky distilling many Arranachs were pursued by excisemen who were doing their duty as Government tax collectors. Their system of avoiding capture was to cross to the mainland with the whisky during darkness, often in bad weather. It became a rich source of whisky-smuggling legend on the island with dramatic and sometimes tragic stories of whisky and men lost at sea or shot at by the excisemen.

The company has won many awards, including Distiller of the Year 2007.


Isle of Arran Distillers
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